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Personal Statement Finance is one of the most vital pillars of any business and it also bears great significance in the academic domain. The flow of money and financial matters would not be managed in such structured and mechanized modes if financial processes would not have been devised.


This passion and interest led to the decision of acquiring a Bachelors degree with majors in finance. I believe that life is a continuous learning process and one should never consider himself to have mastered something at any point of his life. It is due to this reason that I wish to gain further knowledge about the field of finance by attaining a Masters degree in it. My academic performance during the degree of Bachelors has been encouraging as I have a CGPA of 3.86; I hold the 12th rank in a batch of 125 students in my current academic program. Such heartening performance has given me the confidence that I can provide effective results in the field of finance. Academic knowledge tends to benefit one at greater levels if it coupled with professional implementation of the concepts. Bearing such notions in mind, I have aimed to remain involved in the professional financial field by doing internships and part time jobs in the finance departments of different organizations. Such professional experience not only provided knowledge about the practical implementation of financial processes but also proved to give a direction in which academic knowledge should be attained. ...
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