Funding a New Biotechnology Firm

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Funding a New Biotechnology Firm The prospect of starting a biotechnology venture by the entrepreneurs is an exciting undertaking. The trends have changed in the recent past with this industry becoming a fast growing one. This is echoed by Ernst & young (2005) who contend in their report that the biotechnology sector experienced a growth of 17 percent from 2003 to 2004.


This is thus a revelation that biotechnology sector has succeeded and receives entrepreneurial financing. This paper will analyze the different categories of funding that the biotechnology sector can attain and recommend the appropriate one. It is to this end that it will try to be analytical and sceptical of some of the funding strategies. The venture capitalist is one of the ways in which the entrepreneurs can attain funding. According to Ozer &Karabulut (2006) venture capitalist are high investment companies that have the interest of buying shares in particular ventures. The aforementioned authors also notes that this will mean a partial ownership with the initiative of taking caution before investing in any particular enterprise. The entrepreneur in this perspective has to ensure that his/her idea is innovative such that it provides something different; that is able to provide a return on investment. Ozer &Karabulut (2006) observes that venture capitalist is more concerned with fast growing sector such as technology. In this perspective, biotechnology is viable as it involves innovation of ideas that are to become very marketable. ...
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