Finance and Accounting. Citigroup as an "Investment bank"

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Finance and Accounting Citigroup as an "Investment bank" Executive Summary Investment banks aid in the underwriting of security deals in the process of raising capital for their corporate clients. In addition, investment bankers provide a myriad of other financial services to make sure the deals meet the entire financial and legal requirements by handling transactional aspects of the deals.


While retail and commercial banking includes the taking of deposits by the bank, the investment banking sector precludes the taking of deposits, and instead engages in facilitation of transactions and promotion of securities. Citi’s investment bank is among the top ten in world, making over $3.2 billion in fees for the year 2010 (Financial Times, 2010). The group’s investment baking section leads in many regional financial services markets, and has won numerous awards for its investment banking operations. The purpose of this paper is to analyze Citigroup’s investment banking segment. CITIGROUP INC. AS AN INVESTMENT BANK 1. History of Citi’s Investment Banking Operations Citigroup was formed in 1998, after the merger of Citicorp and Travelers in a $70 billion merger (Citigroup, 2012). City Bank’s origin dates back to 1812, which gives the financial institution a 200-year legacy in the banking industry as of this year. Citigroup has since become a world-renowned financial institution with diverse banking specialties. The bank boasts of a vibrant presence in over 100 countries and a workforce of over a quarter of a million employees. ...
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