Corporate Social Responsibility and Disclosure

Corporate Social Responsibility and Disclosure Essay example
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Article 1 – The Association between Firm-Specific Characteristics and Disclosure: The Case of Saudi Arabia The title of the paper is apt and very well indicates the subject of the research. The paper is about analysing the connection between the specific characteristics of a company and its level of disclosure and this is clearly communicated with the title.


The abstract summarises in a very few words the contents of the paper. It is well written and divulges important and necessary information that is important from a reader’s perspective to decide whether the paper is of his/her interest or not. In the introduction, the author does a good job introducing the research topic and the reason behind choosing this topic. The introduction clearly states the purpose of the research. The research topic chosen by the author is important, mainly because of the target country/sample – Companies in Saudi Arabia. Going forward Saudi Arabia will not only play an important role in Middle East economy but also in world economy. It is one of the most important emerging markets globally and hence, the author’s topic is justified and relevant. The literature review lacks depth as it only lists the studies/research conducted on the topic and its results but fails to discuss in depth the importance of the findings of those researches. The author has just touched upon each variable wherein in-depth discussion could have been very effective. The sample chosen and the methodology have been designed carefully by the researcher taking into consideration various factors and the population of the research. ...
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