Perspectives of Regulation of Complex Financial Institutes

Perspectives of Regulation of Complex Financial Institutes Essay example
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Module 7 ASSIGNMENT: There are various regulatory issues on which both public and private organizations deal closely with each other. New forms of regulations depend on shared enforcement, and supervisory responsibilities and various other ways to channelize public commands while ensuring that public environment is effectively maintained.


General complaints about a “lack of regulatory aggressiveness” ignore the realities of actually bringing enforcement actions in a tough environment. Regulatory enforcement in the United States operates surprisingly well given the difficulties of this operating environment, and critics have not presented credible alternatives to the present system. A second perspective is that major financial institutions escape meaningful regulatory constraints because their power and influence overwhelm regulators and because individuals from regulatory institutions give too much deference to major financial institutions and their key executives and staff. This perspective suggests that financial regulation in the United States is broken largely because of this political dynamic and needs fundamental reform. This paper will examine and look into how regulators and firms deal with each other, how interdependent they are on each other and the outcome of such interdependency. What kind of benefits and liabilities develop due to their strong ties. Financial institutes will be used as the premise of all discussion. Special attention will be given to potential benefits and risks of such cohesive regulatory networks. ...
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