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Personal Finance Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 Household Implications for Personal Financial Management 3 Conclusion 6 References 7 Introduction The concept of management of family finances has derived quite significant degree of interests by the home economists, household families and end-consumers.


Based on this notion, the discussion in this paper will aim at specifying the impacts related to the households in relation to personal financial management. Household Implications for Personal Financial Management The notion of personal financial management is considered to be quite crucial with regard to managing the funds in a particular family. The related theory of this notion is further considered to be grounded on the supposition that a certain family functions similar to a management system and being a throughput poses an influence on the factor of satisfaction. Throughout the period of 1990s till date, the subject relating to financial education witnessed a growth and popularity on the plans of community groups, government agencies, educators, policy makers and businesses. The escalating concern regarding the field of financial education is known to be triggered by the augmenting intricacies with reference to such financial products along with the growing accountability pertaining to the individuals concerning their respective financial safety. Contextually, individuals who are financially aware are considered to make effective financial decisions in relation to each of their respective families. ...
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