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ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL REPORTING- ROLLS ROYCE GROUP. Student Name Instructors Name Course University Date of Submission Environmental and Social Reporting- Rolls Royce Group INTRODUCTION: The paper discusses about different aspects and approaches of the accountability Rolls-Royce group have adopted to deal with its various stakeholders regarding its corporate environmental and social reporting, how the company has incorporated the issues in its long and short term strategy, what steps the company has taken to address environmental and social concerns and how effective their implementation have been.


The company’s highest revenue generating segment is the civil aerospace which generates around 50% revenue of the group. The company has shown consistently progressive and strong performance over the years and is one of the market leaders in all sectors in which operates with an annual turnover of ?11,124 million and a profit of ? 848 million. (ROLLS-ROYCE) CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Sustainability reporting provides a chance to the organizations to report information about economic, environmental, social and governance performance to its investors and stakeholders. GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) provides a framework for the organizations to disclose this information in a much transparent and consistent manner. (GLOBAL REPORTING INITIATIVES) Strategy and Profile: Rolls Royce has committed to serve with new approaches and technologies for sustainable economic growth. It aims to invest for long term, promote innovation and focus on research and development. ...
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