Financial Contingency Planning: Sources of Funding Paper

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Financial Contingency Planning Public private partnership Funding the contingency financial plan in America needs an adequate development of the partnership between the public and the private partnerships to achieve the required amount of revenue necessary in the project.


However, the defense department will have to reduce its budget. Companies and the voters have understood that the current budget for the defense department is too high to be sponsored by the private and public partnerships. The cutback of the amount of money in the defense department’s budget would help in creating other programs that can save lives of the citizens, create employment, and bring about technological advancement in other sectors of the economy. One very important private-public partnership involving the national Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the government to improve the satellite imaging capacity is facing problems of inadequate funding. It is crucial to note that public and private collaborations are very important in financing any sector of the economy. Expensive budgets would, however, affect other spheres of life such as the socio-economic welfare of the voters. The budget needs to be cut down in the present situation of economic downfall (Forman, 2006). Bond issuance Bonds are issued by the government to its citizens to ensure that funds necessary in carrying out war activities are available. ...
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