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The Body Shop: Company Analysis Introduction The Body Shop International plc, commonly referred to as ‘The Body Shop’ is an organisation operating in the cosmetics industry. Currently, this multinational corporation operates its 2400 stores in 61 countries.


The shop was selling a variety of lotions and naturally scented soaps. The business mainly employed natural ingredients and provided immigrant women with employment and training opportunities. Inspired from the environment friendly operations of this cosmetics shop, Anita Roddick commenced her own cosmetics shop in 1976 in the United Kingdom. The business venture was progressively grown, and listed on London Stock Exchange on the strength of the firm’s high stock prices. Roddick acquired naming rights from the Californian cosmetics shop and named her business The Body Shop in 1987. As Chesters 92011) reports, the company has been experiencing dramatic growth rate since its launch in the UK in 1976. The organisation accepted the ?652.3 million takeover proposal put forward by the L‘Or’eal in 2006. Currently, The Body Shop is a subsidiary of the L‘Or’eal corporate group (ibid). Marketing While evaluating the marketing aspects of The Body Shop, it seems that the firm has created good brand image without using conventional advertising tools. Some unique brand values assisted the company to create brand image. It seems that the brand focus more on ethical practices and environmentally sustainable operations. To illustrate, the company uses only natural ingredients and it never tests its products on animals. ...
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