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Financial Resources Management Assignment

Assumptions There is an already decorated room that will save the department on the cost of building and decorating. The university has the required resources to fund the project comfortably. Plans Investing in this project will cost the university in the short term, but the benefits will come in the long term use of the room. This can be seen when the students begin to make full use of the facility is when we will see its benefits. As usual, costs will have to come before the benefits of the project are visible for all to see. Like any other venture, the project will need sufficient financing that will enable it to develop smooth manner. This projected is to be carried out in the most convenient and economical way. The primary intention of this plan is to get the best costs of products in the market for the development of this project. Considering the prices of all the requirements of the project carefully, we can get the best alternatives of the materials required in the project. That is we intend to use the most valuable and affordable alternative to the items required. This will provide the same quality services that the expensive items would otherwise provide. Instead of using glass tables that can easily break we would use classic wooden or plastic tables. These will provide long term quality services and products; that would have otherwise been provided by the glass tables in the short term (Ross, 2008). ...
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ACW 2 Financial Resources Management Assignment Name Professor Course Date ACW 2 Financial Resources Management Assignment Objectives The primary goal of the plan is to develop new students’ common room in Manchester Metropolitan University for students in the DIC department…
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