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Management Accounting Name: Professor: Institution Affiliation: Course Date Management Accounting Management is a vital function in the company it is responsible for a majority of actions in the company, for example; directing, controlling, planning and coordination.


78). A firm cannot function efficiently without management since it is a core factor, which determines the profitability of the firm. The article highlights clearly that in the modern society numerous individuals hardly understand how the modern management operates in the firm, and this could be a dangerous situation. The world today is built through the effort of all the human beings who work together to ensure key developments occur in the society. Management is obviously ubiquitous since it is vital in all firms, and individuals should understand that it did not just evolve: it was through an invention in the early 1800 (Hoskin & Macve, 1990, p. 845). It is evident that management has played a role in the development of recent businesses since it is related with the culture of ‘managerialism’. Management is equivalent to disciplinary power: this is the only culture that ensures a business runs efficiently. According to Hoskin and Macve (1990, p. 845), evidently, this form of power was invented in the early 1800’s and was later transferred into the business section in the 1840’s. A majority of businesses had not taken shape in those days, but since the introduction of management most of the businesses took shape. ...
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