Create a strategic financial plan for a non-government organisation (NGO) over the next 3 years.

Create a strategic financial plan for a non-government organisation (NGO) over the next 3 years. Essay example
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Student Instructor Course Date Strategic Financial Plan for WVP Kenya for the next three years Overview of WVP Kenya WVP Kenya is a locally based in Kenya’s Nyanza and Western province. The organization began its work in 2005 upon a small group of youth from Kenya and Europe had a meeting in Bondo district.


In achieving this, the organization builds the potential of the society groups and operates with them as supporters in giving the youth and children with life and wellbeing chance to enhance the opportunities. The organization has been working in conjunction with the locally based NGO’s in the locality with a mutual vision which is to provide the youth and children in the Kenyan Community a just start to life. This is after the youth were not satisfied with the manner in which the majority of NGO and charities in the locality were going about in supporting susceptible children. The organization was registered in 2006 as a community based organization in Kenya and as a charity in the U.K while in 2009 it was put on authenticated as an NGO in Kenya. For each pound given to the NGO 97 % is spent in running programmes that enhance the youth and children’s life and the remaining 3 % is used to raise the next one pound. Organizational Structure The long-term partner for the organization is Wereldkinderen which has vowed to continually support the activities of the organization with a determination to promote the group in enhancing the enforcement of social group projects in more than 16 societies for the next coming 5 years. There are plans for the projects which foster the business to influence more on the children and communities. ...
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