Harmonisation of Accounting Standards

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HARMONISATION OF ACCOUNTING STANDARDS (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract Efforts to harmonize accounting standards began decades ago, with the primary objective being the need to provide a professional shape and essence to accounting standards and the harmonization process in general (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 2007, pg.17).


They include UK GAAP, IAS, US GAAP etc. More positive, however, has been the improvements in recent times in terms of global convergence; this has convinced various stakeholders that there is still hope that harmonization can be achieved sooner rather than later. Local and international standard setting agencies have initiated harmonization projects that have largely been successful; it will therefore not be too long before a common set of standards guides and controls the accounting world. This will give the accounting profession an identity of legal discipline in its truest sense. This paper examines the issue of harmonization and other aspects that relate to it, for example challenges and advantages. Key Words accounting standards, harmonization of accounting standards. Introduction The harmonization of accounting standards has developed into a hot topic among accounting professionals all over the world (Black 2007, pg.26). Accounting standards can be defined as authoritative statements issued by acclaimed accountancy agencies that relate to different aspects of treatments, disclosures and measurements of accounting events and transactions, and that signify best accounting practices. ...
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