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Public University Analysis

The financial statements in this institution contains some remarkable disclosure of the cost that the institution goes through in providing retirement benefits, related gains, assets and lastly all liabilities. These financial statements therefore, are able to provide the employees with a clear view of the risks and rewards that arise from the defined benefits. In addition, all funding obligations which are in relations to all liabilities of the benefits schemes defined are all clearly identified (University of Maryland, 2012). GAASB proposed changes are likely to reduce the liability burden as they will increase the level of accountability an aspect that is likely to reduce the cash lost due to cases of negligence. Proposed changes also address deeply on issues of common deposits and other investment risks such as interest rate risks and even fluctuating of the foreign currency risks. The policy recommendations to disclose all investments that are highly sensitive to these risks will reduce the money lost through fluctuating of the currency and changes in the interest rates (University of Maryland, 2012). One of the major economic condition that s likely to affect the growth of this institution is government changes in labor policies. Government is likely to change the policies such as medical policies and retirement policies. ...
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Public University Analysis Name: Institution: University of Maryland has made a remarkable improvement in disclosing the employee pension plan in its financial statement. This has made it possible for the employees to know the amount that is being set aside by the university in order to fund the pension scheme…
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