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Certain people believe that the concepts of management and leadership are different from each other; others are of the belief that these two terms are similar and are used interchangeably


Then there are those who believe that these two concepts are two different extremes, they believe that a good manager can never become a productive leader. Certain individuals even hold the view that both concepts operate together and a manager can play a leaders role while being in a management position. An organization comprising of teams and groups require the assistance of both leaders and managers to operate successfully. Several similarities may exist within the roles of the managers and the leaders, and several differences that separate both the positions even exist. This writing will focus on the differences between the two roles while accepting the fact that one single individual can play both roles at the same time. Body Leadership is referred to as a process in which an individual has the task of influencing a team of individuals with the aim of achieving common goals (MANNING, 2003, p.5). This means that leadership is firstly a process and it involves a sub process called influencing and cannot occur without the availability of a group and aims at attaining goals. These components of the definition of leadership are available in almost every theory and definition related to leadership. ...
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