Business Forecasting: Share price evaluation

Business Forecasting: Share price evaluation Essay example
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Share price evaluation Name: Institution: Date: Generally, descriptive statistics tells a lot about the stock returns as well as the indices data used in the study. The main descriptive statistics that helped in description of data are the mean, data skewness, kurtosis, standard deviation, data ranges, as well as the minimum and maximum values.


For Skewness, ideally it should be zero indicating symmetry and normality. Positively skewed data are said to be right tailed and it is an indication that stocks carry on a likelihood of have a higher probability of earning positive returns. In this case, only FTSE MID 250 (1.690595) was seen to be positive and this is also because the company prides in having one of the leading share returns in the market over the recent period. On the other hand, negatively skewed data are referred to as left-tailed and this is reflected in the rest of the variable ranging from BRUSSELS ALL SHARE 0 (-0.25139) to MILAN COMIT GENERAL (-0.486624). It is however worth noting these values are relatively close to zero and they are therefore slightly left tailed. For Kurtosis, it is often used to estimate the clustering of scores and as such a value of zero reflects data that are clustered around the mean. On the other hand a value greater than 0 shows clustering around numbers other than the mean. On the other hand, a value less than 0 shows that the data is spread out and as such there is no clustering. ...
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