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Organisational Structure and Design Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Executive summary In the previous decade, sustainability has become a more and more fundamental part of carrying business in any industry. For organizations to balance their social, environmental and financial risks, duties and opportunities, business sustainability has to shift from financial motives to the wider society perspective.


Nokia is seeking to understand on how to sustain business sustainability in the long term. Introduction Nokia Corporation is an international leader in cellular communications whose products have turned out to be part of a fundamental part of community’s lives around the globe. The corporation’s hi-tech and design novelties have made its trade name among the most acknowledged in the globe. Nokia seeks to regain Smartphone leadership by forming strategic partnerships with Microsoft. The main element of the corporation is to build a new winning mobile ecosystem by partnering with Microsoft. The corporation also seeks to invest in next generation disrupting technologies, bring next billion online in developing growth markets, as well as increase focus on speed, results and accountability. For the corporation to achieve its strategy, it management has to recognize the importance of formulating a strategy on corporate social responsibility. Business sustainability is managing the triple bottom line in which companies manage their monetary, community and environmental risks duties and opportunities. The three impacts are referred to as people, profits and planet. ...
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