Writing Assignment: Financial Analysis

Writing Assignment: Financial Analysis Assignment example
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Company Description
Microsoft (NASDAQ “MSFT”) is a Multinational technology company founded in 1975 by two students, Paul Allen and William Henry Bill Gates.


Its mission is to enable people and businesses all over the world to be able to appreciate their full potential through the creation of technology that changes the way people communicate and work. The company is the leader in services, software, and solution that help individuals and companies realize their full potential. It has a strategic alliance with NIT Ltd, Dominion Enterprises, Inc, and Nokia. It develops supports and licenses software and products, and also deals with designing and selling computer hardware worldwide. The company’s windows line gives a personal computer operating system that mainly includes the windows & operating system. This primarily includes the Windows live suite of applications and Web services, the Windows of applications, and the PC hard products. The company has the server and tools division that provide window Server operating system, Visual studio, Windows Intume among other products. Other divisions include the online services division, and entertainment and devices division. The company generates its revenue through developing, supporting, and licensing a broad range of software products and services. This is where it designs and sells and also does advertising online to customers globally. The company also sells suits for products and services (Microsoft-Corporation, 2012). The core strength of this company is that its Microsoft software has a unique graphical user interface (GUI). ...
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