Contemporary Issues in Financial Services

Contemporary Issues in Financial Services Essay example
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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Question 1 Introduction This paper will seek to explore between the real economies, which include the tangibles jobs, goods, and services, and the intangibles, which include money, interest rates, and the stock market.


These factors can be consumed in the present time or utilized with an aim of producing in the future. Economic activity is taken as real because real resources are utilized to come up with new products that can be bought and used. On the other hand, the financial system mainly focuses on either circulating funds around to enable people buy goods and services or assist people exchange ownership of resources vital for production purposes. It is worth mentioning that activities of the real economy are vital for human survival. The real economy is responsible for the production of consumer goods, food, lighting, heating, and entertainment to mention but a few (Mankiw 2008, p.162). The role of the financial system is to facilitate the production of such goods by ensuring that funds are available when needed. Therefore, the structure of the financial system comes to the fore since it would offer alternative financing windows. These institutions provide an avenue through which large or small manufacturing sectors can access finance, which would boost production. The role undertaken by the financial system in coordinating economic activities, which includes the cost of finance, profitable investment outlets, and availability of investment funds, has a direct relationship with the structure of the financial system. ...
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