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Article Review for Managerial Accounting Biolea – Its Operations Biolea, an entity or a company of Greece, holds the mission of combining innovation with traditional heritage to promote sustainable tourism. Biolea is engaged in the field of Olive oil production and is dedicated to provide uncompromised nutritional value of Olive oil to their customers.


Biolea believes in self-reliance and innovation. Biolea’s operations are based on solid scientific methods of agriculture of Olive groves in Crete and provide an untainted quality of olive oil to its customers. Biolea’s range of products includes olive oil, and its varieties like Lemonio, Nerantzio. Biolea also supports agro-tourism, wild life, and renewable energy. Fixed Cost, Variable Cost and Mixed Cost – Examples and Their Significance For running its business operations, Biolea incurs fixed cost, variable cost as well as mixed cost. Fixed cost of Biolea would include cost of salaries of supervisors, depreciation of factory machines, etc. Variable costs of Biolea would include cost of olive groves, cost of shipping the olives. Mixed cost includes cost of supervisory salaries for varying levels of production, cost of natural gas for varying levels of production of olive oil. ...
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