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Of an Academic Research Paper - Literature review Example


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Of an Academic Research Paper

Johnson, and Edward P. Borodzicz. Layout of an Academic Research Paper An academic research paper is aimed at presenting information which can be used to understand underlying problem or area of investigation. In order to do so, it is pertinent that a generalized format is followed by the authors of a research paper which in turn enables the reader to interpret and understand the contents in a meaningful and comprehensive manner (Bhakar & Mehta, 2011). A generally accepted layout comprises of following parts: Title Author(s) name(s) Abstract: A concise statement of the purpose, methodology, conclusion and recommendations of the research work. Introduction: A background to the research from which rationale for conducting a research work emerges and leads to research aim and objectives. Detailed Theoretical Framework and Review of Past Works: A review of theoretical frameworks and conclusions reached by researchers in the past in similar research area. Research Methodology: Methods adopted to conduct the research along with their suitability and practicality while keeping in view research aim. Findings and Discussion: Detailed analysis and presentation of findings, which are then related back to literature reviewed earlier, so as to help formulating a conclusion. Conclusion and Recommendations: Conclusion reached in the research work and recommendations and/or implications. ...
Summary of the Article under Review The authors of the article under review - Stainton et al. (2010) have noted

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Review of an Academic Research Paper
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Critical Review of an Academic Research Paper Critical Review of an Academic Research Paper This report presents the layout of an academic research paper which is required to be followed generally while writing an academic research paper…
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Review of an Academic Research Paper essay example
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