Management and Spurious Correlation.

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Management and Spurious Correlation Name Professor Course Date Introduction Management and spurious correlation can be described as a mathematical relationship whereby there are two events or variables that have no direct or casual connection with each other but still may be identified as two events or variables that have a connection due to a wrong identification or due to coincidence.


The term spurious is derived from the Latin origin. It is meant to mean not true or false. Management and spurious correlations are terms that are used in the field of statistics to make assumptions about certain things and calculations. When looking at the term spurious relationship, it can duly be noted that it is commonly used in statistics and in a particular way to provide certain answers. It is specifically used in particular to help in the experimental research techniques which would go a long way in answering some questions. Using spurious correlation in experimenting in research techniques help in the understanding and prediction of other relationships, namely direct causal relationship. An example of a direct causal relationship can be (X > Y). There is also a relationship called a non-causal correlation. A non-causal correlation may and can be created spuriously by a factor that is called an antecedent. An antecedent, for example, causes both the relationship as shown; (W > X and W > Y). ...
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