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INTRODUCTION Qatar has been widely considered a major dominant nation in its region, and in light of its relevant natural resources and workers skills, is considered by many experts as an outstanding and important example in his geographical region. This work will shed light on Quatar’s economy, with particular focus on the major factors that are believed to play an important role in assessing the dominance of its economic model in the region, from a mediudemographic, sociological and financial perspective.


Aim of this work will be then to analyze into details the success factors of this nation on an economic basis, together with a comprehensive analysis of the growth of Qatari market, and the major characteristics of two corporations, Almeera and Qatar Telecom, according to the following factors: Assets analysis Profit and return analysis Growth in shares Market analysis Risk analysis QATAR ECONOMY AND THE FINANCIAL SECTOR For hundreds of years it’s believed by many experts on an academic perspective that Qatar will be a nation where hydrocarbon exports will be the major export driver1, mainly due to the high consistency of the ongoing reserve, despite the geographical limits and relative small size of the country, and due to the increasing trend of oil prices. In this perspective it’s therefore believed that Qatar is and will continue to be a country where oil production and refinery will be a major contributor for the growth of the economy. ...
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