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Finance & Accounting
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Finance and Accounting
The companies chosen for the financial analysis are Vodafone Qatar and Qatar Telecom (Qtel) also known as Ooredoo. Vodafone and Ooredoo are the only two telecommunication service providers within Qatar.


By June 2008, Vodafone received was awarded telecom operating license within the country, making the company as the second mobile phone service provider within the country. Vodafone started its services within Qatar on 1st March 2009.
This ratio provides an idea to the investors as to the return that that would extract from the company. The return on investment for Qtel has improved and has increased by 1.79% (5.82-4.03). Vodafone’s return on investment has also improved but the company’s losses would not be able to make them give any good to their investors.
Since both the companies operate within the same sector, a fair comparison between the performances of the two would be more fruitful. The best technique available to analyze the financial performance of both the companies would be to use ratio analysis. There are various ratios which can be used to evaluate the performance. Following are the ratios which have been calculated to assess the financial performance of both the telecom service providers.
From the ratios, it can be derived that the financial performance of Qtel is way better than Vodafone but it can be argued that Vodafone is still within its early and growing phase and that the company has shown good prospects, hence it can improve with the passage of time.
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