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Essay example - Financial analysis of bSKYb 2012(only profitability ratio analysis part see instruction)

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Finance & Accounting
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A Report on the Viability of Investing in BSkyB Corporation Table of Contents A Report on the Viability of Investing in BSkyB Corporation 1 1.0 Executive summary 2 2.0 BSkyB Corporation 2 2.1 BSkyB Corporation’s mission and strategic direction 3 3.0 Balance of skills and experience of the board of directors 3 4.0 BSkyB’s SWOT analysis 4 5.0 Financial analysis 5 Informa plc 7 Industry Ratios 7 6.0 Future financial prospects 8 7.0 Recommendation 8 References 9 Horsman, M…

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U.K: Intellect Books 10 1.0 Executive summary This present paper is a report that has been prepared from the standpoint of financial analysts working for a Merchant Bank. In the report, the financial analysts provide advice to the pension fund managers in regards to whether it is a viable or a good strategic business decision to make a considerable investment in BSkyB Corporation. The size of the investment is still a matter of discussion but if the report recommends for the investment in BSkyB then the pension fund managers will seek to purchase up to a maximum of 3% of the total issued share capital of the corporation that are listed at the London Stock Exchange. The report will include historical data of the BSkyB Corporation and it will focus on the future prospects for the company. Other details that will be contained in the report include a brief description of the company, the company’s mission, and strategic direction, the balance of skills and experience of the Board of Directors, and the SWOT analysis of the company. ...
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