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REPORT ON SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING Contents Introduction 3 Difference between sustainability reporting and traditional reporting 3 The sorts of information that they will need to include in a sustainability report of why they should be included 4 What benefits they should expect from preparing sustainability reports 5 My opinion on the future of sustainability reporting and how what they might report now, may change in the foreseeable future 6 Conclusion 6 REFERENCES 7 Board of directors ABC Company United Kingdom Today’s world is facing many challenges especially with regards to economy.


Well whatever the reason is, it is surely time that we sit down, assess and analyse the system as a whole and try coming out with both, a reason and a solution for all this happening. Arguably the main reason of reaching such a unpleasant situation is that, major stakeholders, whether it’s the big companies or the government, they have mainly focussed on short term achievement and plans rather than analysing, assessing and planning for longer term success. Hence before we consider entering in a developing country for investment purposes I would like to reflect some light on different aspect of sustainability reporting, the differences between sustainability reporting and traditional reporting and the benefits of sustainability reporting. Introduction A sustainability report mainly focuses, in fact constitutes, three elements or dimension, namely, social, economic and environmental. Due to this fact is often known as triple bottom line or 3BL. Some even regards is as a planet, profit, people principle. ...
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