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Finance and Accounting Student Name Institution Finance and Accounting Question 1. Did Radio Shack had more Sales Revenue or collected Cash more than Sales Revenue in 2010 The concept revenue from sales implies amounts of goods or service sold in a specific period.


Revenue for sales is always associated with expenses. The common expenses are cost of revenue or cost of goods sold, general and administrative expenses, non-recessing expenses, and other expenses. The above-mentioned expenses when added to the revenue we get gross profit or loss, and operating income or loss. This assignment will limit to Radio Shacks sales revenue. The activities mentioned above are operating activities. Operating activities in business are associated with the revenue and expenses or in other word cash inflows and outflows. Thus, operational activity in accounting is called cash flow. This assignment will limit to the study of Radio Shack’s cash flow from the operation in the fiscal 2010 year. Cash flow from operations may be calculated using direct or indirect method. This assignment will use the indirect method. Necessary data, in this purpose, will be acquired from company’s Income statement and Balance sheet (Yahoo; YCHARTS). ...
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