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FORTUNES INC. COMPANY Name Course Instructor Institution Submission Date Fortunes Inc. Company Current and recommended portfolio The Fortunes Inc Company members came together and under the spirit of cooperative (Employee's pension scheme, 2008, p. 4) decided to restore the operations of the business by running as a cooperative and with all members having an equal capacity to decide on the direction to be followed by the business.


Besides the contributions by the members, the cooperative enjoys the loan facilities that are extended to the cooperative unlike the case with other cooperative societies. Through the lack of ranks within the management positions or the general employee’s positions, the members enjoy an equated level of salaries despite their experience as well as despite their period of stay within the cooperative society. The cooperative society still has relatively low level of operations because it has been in operation for relatively little period after its re-establishment in the last ten years. Based on the reason that the cooperative lacks a well-defined structure of administration, all members comprehensively are wholly liable for the consequences of decisions made. Moreover, the lack of this well-defined structure of management has often placed the business at a risk because the decisions made lack the professional approval because members lack management skills and professional expertise. ...
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