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INTRODUCTION Business of Multi-National Corporations receives impact from wide range of factors. Success of multi-national corporations’ business model is not only leveraged from successfully investing in local markets but at the same time must have portion of asset deployed in other countries to generate revenues.


Moreover, Wall-Mart also has projected plan to invest further 37% of its US $ 13.05 million and 38 percent of US $ 12.5 million of capital investment in the international market for the year 2013 and 2014 respectively. Significant portion of the above mentioned investment is aimed at adjustments and capturing e-commerce retail sales in US, Brazil and China (Wal-Mart, 2013). In light of the Wall-Marts decision to invest and since the conditions of the world are constantly changing; therefore, underlying report is aimed at exploring factors that affect the foreign direct investment in specific context to China. The report will provide comprehensive review of foreign direct investment arena of China that determines its attractiveness. Furthermore, assessment of the FDI scenario of China with reference to global financial crises and the current position will be highlighted. Finally the improvement recommendations will be made. IMPORTANCE OF INVESTMENT AVENUES ASSESSMENT Foreign Direct Investment, in accordance with the definition of World Bank, is investment leading to ten percent stake ownership by an organization that is not domestic by origin. ...
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