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Answering the questions according to reading

Gender, politics, and race intersect in producing repressive heteronormative gender relations. Lindsey Feitz and Joane Nagel explore the intersections of gender, war, and sexuality in “The Militarization of Gender and Sexuality in the Iraq War.” They assert that although the U.S. military employs more women in army operations nowadays, the same heteronormative relations are imposed on the latter. Feitz and Nagel add the complication of race, as sexuality and gender issues intersect. They talk about the example of the rescue of Private First Class Jessica Lynch, whose race and gender contrasted to those of her takers, where “American men [were] saving a pretty, young, white American woman from the possible sexual and personal assault by dark and dangerous Iraqis” (206). ...
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Name Instructor Class 20 October 2013 Oppressive Gender Relations in Heteronormative Societies and Fields Heteronormative societies enforce stereotyped gender roles and expectations that continue to shape modern mainstream gender identities and relations. The term “heteronormative” is used in the essay as the worldview that produces and strengthens beliefs, attitudes, and practices, where heterosexuality is considered as the only dominant valid sexual orientation and where the male sex dominates over the female sex and other genders (Bedford 2)…
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