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Critical opinion about article

Introduction While the function of drug coatings in medications are rarely considered by the consumer, they are vital to the function and efficacy of most modern medicines. By incorporating a drug into a polymer film, gel, or other encapsulating material, the hydrophobic molecules can be made to degrade much more slowly [1]. The use of an encapsulating membrane allows the chemical to circulate within the body, while also creating a hydrophilic shell that can pass through the cell membrane of the bacterial target [1, 2]. The coatings also may have the additional property of bioadhesion, keeping the drug at the target site for a longer period of time [3]. Niosomal membranes, non-ionic surfactant vesicles, are one common type of encapsulating material, especially for transdermal and ophthalmic topical use [4, 5]. Niosomes can also be made into a substance called proniosomes, a dehydrated powder formulation of niosomes, which can be transported further and stored longer, increasing their usefulness [6]. Niosomal Encapsulation and Hydrogen Bonding In their 2011 study, Hao and Li examined the efficacy of niosomal entrapment in solution, specifically on the rate of encapsulation when the niosomes were included in a solution that also contained the desired chemical for entrapment [7]. ...
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Abstract One very promising, though still controversial, method of improving the effectiveness of drug delivery is the use of a niosomal membrane, a non-ionic surfactant. They are especially useful for bypassing barriers that would otherwise have prevented drug delivery to the correct location, most notably the skin and the eyes…
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