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Homophobia In Middle East

This paper addresses the current issues of homophobia in Middle East by trying to answer the following important questions. What are the current trends of homophobia in Middle East? What are the main causes of homophobia in this region?
Homophobia refers to the outraged fear and expression of anger towards homosexuals or simply to people who express sexuality that differs from the normally accepted heterosexual behavior or identity. Since time immemorial, the general society has always recognized and appreciated the heterosexual type of orientation towards sexual identity. However, few societies have identified and developed their own sexuality identity. Middle East has been in particular very resistant towards any persons or group of people deviating from heterosexuality. For the last few years, increased homophobia has been observed in Middle East. It is claimed “In parts of Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and elsewhere it is still very dangerous to be gay. People are being executed. Homophobic attacks, rapes, and murders happen all too frequently” (Dehgan, 2011, p. 1).
Homophobia has always been suppressed by various societal structures such as the law, traditions, and religion. Most Middle East countries have laws that prohibit marriage between homosexuals or any other form of sexuality besides heterosexuality. For instance, “More than two dozen men were arrested at what police called a “mass homosexual wedding” in the United Arab Emirates” (The Advocates, 2006, p. 37). However, as the society becomes more revolutionized more homosexuals come out in the opens and begin fighting for their rights. This is arguably the main cause of homophobia in this region and the rest of the world as well. Many people are coming up in the open to form groups that help them express their concerns on how the society treats them due to sexual orientation.
The media plays a very important role in shaping the discourse of issues affecting the society. ...
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Hardly a day passes without news of brutal and aggressive behavior against the increasing number of homosexual groups coming out in the open. It is really an escalating…
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