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Scholarly vs. Popular Media Focus on Sexuality.

The articles talk in depth about how advertisement may encourage young women and girls to change their perceptions into crasser sense of awareness about themselves. This may negatively impact on the self-esteems of the teens and young women, who start to view themselves as sex objects. Even so, they reveal to us despite the companies’ objective behind their advertisements, there still is some moralizing about it.Women’s bodies are portrayed to be persistently on display with a view to be judged. Therefore, when women are represented as veritable sex objects in more than two, in fact three advertisements, the point becomes clear to both men and women: A woman’s significance is based on her physical appearance and sexuality. Moreover, this view suggests that women are objects to be looked at, rather than players with their own sexual craving. Granted, seeing women as sex objects doubles the rate of sexual violence against them. This view in turn makes sexual violence towards women appear justifiable.
The two articles, examined here, were rather written professionally and independently, whereupon the authors have used different perspectives to pass across vital. The scholar approach article was presented in a more detailed form, while the popular media article was presented in one-off outline. Both articles have a deep wealth of information, but the scholarly approach carry’s the day with its informative and detailed style it was written. ...
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The article written by Julie Stankiewicz and Francis Rosselli focuses on women as sex objects and victims in print advertisements. The content examines the representation of women in 59 popular magazines. Flyers were implied with regard to whether women are depicted as mere sex objects. …
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