Liberal and Socialist Feminist Approach Towards Wage Gap in the US - Research Paper Example

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Liberal and Socialist Feminist Approach Towards Wage Gap in the US

Liberal feminism says that personal rights should be the foremost priority of individuals and women should possess capability to take stand against every unfair practice around them. The liberal feminist recognizes the injustices that favour males over females. Liberal feminist intend to free females from dominating roles of men in the community (Biber and Leavy). In 1970, feminist movement looked into the matters of females as dependent women and conservativeness of their lives in the United States. Liberal feminism claimed that women are confined to household jobs (Biber and Leavy). In the United States, women are making remarkable achievements in the professional grounds and struggling to work with equal rights. However, it has observed that despite working passionately and dedicatedly women are being paid less as compare to men up to 75% (Wood). Liberal feminism is the most effective approach in the United States that intend to work for the equal rights of women in every aspect of socio-political life.
Bandura (1977) has mentioned in his research that previously liberal feminism struggled for females` rights to participate in elections with equal opportunities and to own properties, but current liberal feminists intend to work for gaining equal seats in professional ground with equal salaries for equal jobs (Wood). According to Jagger (1983), philosophy of liberalism is related to traditional historical approaches of attaining equal opportunities in various grounds. ...
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This paper aims to highlight the liberal feminism approach towards the wage gap in the United States and its comparative analysis with socialist feminism approach of wage gaps. Feminism does not have a single approach, but it includes various theoretical approaches such as social, liberal, and radical and Marxist…
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