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Sex Insomnia

Sexsomnia is a NREM (non- rapid eye movement) disorder caused by confusional arousal results to sexual activities. In simple terms, sleep sex occurs when the mind is inactive, but the body is active. Most case studies reveal that sleep sex takes place during the first five stages of sleep known as deep sleep. Just like children experience nightmares triggered off by scary movies, an arousing dream or a slight touch from a partner in bed can trigger off sleep sex in an individual. The amygdale in the brainstem is the organ responsible for sexual drive. At this stage, the cortex is part of the brain responsible for thinking, planning and awareness (Michael, 2011). Sexsomaniacs especially women tend to masturbate and moan loudly while asleep while men engage in sex with their female partners. In extreme situations, victims can become aggressive and out of control resulting in sexual assault cases. In addition, sleep sex occurs mostly in individuals who have bed partners. Therefore, there is no need to walk and look for a partner. Individuals that suffer from sleep sex often have a history of other parasomnia disorders like sleep talking, sleep walking and teeth grinding. Recurrence of sexsomnia is unpredictable. Individuals who exhibit this disorder are partly conscious when it occurs. This is because part of the brain responsible for decision-making is at rest while the brain stem responsible for sexual desire remains active. ...
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Sex Insomnia Name Institution During the early stages of marriage, couples indulge in sexual activities countless times. This may seem normal. It may sometimes involve midnight escapades when both are half-asleep making it even more pleasurably (Culebras, 2010)…
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