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Diversity Consciousnesses development

In the past, there has been a high level of exclusion in the work force. Such exclusion has been defined by discrimination by some minority groups as well as women in the work place. Minority groups in the United States exhibit racial differences from the mainstream population comprising of the white Americans (Dayer-Berenson, 2010).
After immense research concerning diversity, it has emerged that it can be a source of a high level of creativity as well as innovation. Such realization has compelled and motivated American organizations to view diversity in a positive way. Many organizations are struggling to embrace diversity and utilize the potential of diversity in a bid to register growth in their organizations. As Americans become more accommodating of the minority groups, and as civil right movements place emphasis on the need for inclusion, a salient need for diversity consciousness has emerged. This paper will analyze diversity practices evident at the union county college as the focus organization in this study. Moreover, the paper will analyze the findings from two other organizations considering whether they have embraced diversity and whether the employers exhibit diversity consciousness.
It is critical to understand the theories and perspectives that define the workforce diversity. With an increasing emphasis on the need for employers to develop diversity consciousness during the hiring process, there is a need to understand the relevant diversity practices that exhibit the presence of diversity consciousness. Evidently, the American workforce comprises of individuals from different backgrounds and personalities. Organizations that have embraced diversity usually benefit from such efforts as a diverse workforce exhibits more core competencies. In a bid to evaluate the modern theories that govern the workforce diversity, it is critical to consider the practices of a specified organization and evaluate the views of the employers concerning the issue ...
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American businesses and organizations have not been left behind regarding the issue of workforce diversity. Notably, diversity in the American setting is defined by…
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