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Should Homosexuals Be Allowed to Marry?

In the present world, with increased change occurring at the societal and governmental level, homosexual marriage should be allowed. Homosexuals should be granted the opportunity to marry since they are citizens too. There is no place under the constitution that states gays to be second class citizens. In fact, it is clearly stated in the constitution plus the formulated Bill of Rights that all citizens have rights including homosexuals (Craig & Rimmerman, 2009). Hence a chance should be given to gays to hold marriages with their beloved ones. Marriage indicating the union between two people should at no point be interfered by the government or the society as it does not affect them all (Lopez, 2009). Therefore, in denying homosexuals to get marriage indicates discrimination of a country’s citizens (Craig & Rimmerman, 2009). Furthermore, in the Bill of Rights or the constitution, none states disregarding homosexuals to marry. Hence, the government should leave the union of two gay people to themselves instead of denying them. Since time immemorial, gay people have constantly been discriminated by various groups in the society, for example, religious groups. They have always been treated cruelly and some persecuted in some countries. ...
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Homosexuals be allowed to Marry Name Institution Marriage is defined by Lopez (2009), as the union between two individuals. In the past, marriage has always been accorded sanctity and regarded in the society as the union of two heterosexual individuals. As time passed by, homosexuals too came in the limelight with the issue of getting allowed to marry like the heterosexuals (Gaita, 2007)…
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