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Midterm exam

Occasionally, culture of fake is always seen to supersede high culture. One such example is the popularity and usage of visual arts.
Mass audience- it refers to a huge number of audiences congregating at the same place or listening to the same information at the same time. In such cases, the society is usually paying attention to one thing being aired or performed at the same time. Example is the use of mass media to passing information to a specific niche or political rallies in the society.
Critics in the society have challenged this classification. Some have dismissed the effectiveness of popular culture in the development of the educated people in the society. On the other hand, some critics are proposing to merge the categories to portray one modern society. In addition, the feminists are also raising questions concerning the opportunities of women for creativity and how these have been able to change historically, and how the creativity of women have been put to evaluation, how women have been silenced and how men have been able to made meaning of life for women with the activities and myths. Despite this, the contemporary feminists have been able to take a diversified approach to dealing with these forms of culture (Charles, pg. 65).
Assumption one- in this assumption, it is believed that women have a certain relationship to popular culture that is quite different from what men have towards popular culture. It has been pointed out that women have been playing key roles as consumers of particular products of popular culture, and they are, therefore, a core subject of the popular culture for both men and women. In addition, it is believed that in some cases and periods, women have been very important in creating and producing popular culture.
Assumption two- to comprehend the functioning of the popular culture to both the patriarchal ...
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It is always seen being dumbed down and trivial, as a result, popular culture has come under heavy criticism. This type of culture…
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