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Women’s Inclusion in Education

In many countries, cost of education has been rapidly growing and this substantial and constant rise has discouraged many families to provide quality education to their all children. Consequently, this has led to believe that education can only be given to male children rather than to female children. Additionally, in some countries, religious beliefs also discourage the followers to provide education to their girls. For example, in the religion of Islam, some scholars believe that girls should not be allowed to receive an education. And in order to support their perspective, they contend that allowing girls for receiving education would provide them an opportunity to freely interact with boys which become a major cause of social evil in their society. However, this type of belief has made this world more insecure and unsafe as well. For example, because of this backward thinking and perspective, the world is facing the menace of terrorism and extremism; and the events of 9/11 are the result of one of such insane manifestations. As a result, it can be extracted that because of this thinking, many innocent people lost their lives in that attack. At the same time, the followers of that thinking are still causing harm to humans and humanity as terror attacks are still taking place in a number of other countries as well. In order to avoid this cost, which is being paid by the whole humanity, it has become highly necessary and unavoidable to work against this belief and promote and encourage woman education. ...
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From the essay "Women’s Inclusion in Education" it is clear that domestic violence can be considerably reduced through education. Education enables a woman to know her basic rights and understanding of this knowledge further encourages her to take measures to fight against the cruelty…
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