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please choose a topic according to instruction

The criticisms given are supported by evidences. A final evaluation of the article is given; this includes the contribution of the article in the understanding of the many Chinese faces, and the importance of the title in the development of knowledge. To summarize the review, there is a conclusion concerning the article. Keywords: China, Pluralism, Issues, Race, Language, Criticism, Ethical, Religious, Cultural, North, South Summary of the Article The writer is focusing on the racial segregation in China. She first compares it with other developed nations that have mixed races, but the racial factor is less regarded. The author has introduced China basing it on three factors as viewed by the Americans. These include political image, injustices waved on the people and violation of human rights, and the last dimension is the economical image. However, the author has decided to distant herself from this perspective and decided to bring about how China exists in many faces in terms of ethnical diversity. ...
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China’s Many Faces Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The article to be discussed is entitled: China’s many faces in terms of ethnical, cultural, and religious pluralism. This article has been written by Susan D. Blum. The article discusses the many hidden issues about china that are not normally known by many people, especially those who are not anywhere near China…
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