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This island also inhabits grasslands and mountainous areas as well as plateaus, which spread throughout the country. Its fame also comes from the Blue-Mountains appearing from the southeastern end of the country. The blue haze name emanates from oil droplets trickling from the eucalyptus trees. The many beautiful beaches cap the geographical uniqueness of this island. In Australia, indeed, there are many things to be curious about; it is truly a unique country as this largely feature as the monuments and vernacular landscape traits of the country. Origin of the landscape In the 18th century, Captain Cook discovered the island of Australia 1770. This is where the originality of this country lies even though there might be other chances that another voyage ship might have graced the country. This emanates from the possibility that a Portuguese first sighted the country. The Dutch are also known to have explored the coastal region of the country by the 1640s. It therefore earns the accolades as the lowest, flattest, and oldest continental landmass on Earth. It had the relatively stable geological history. Its formation involves forces such as tectonic uplift of the mountains ranges or clashes between tectonic plates in early landscape history. This occurred still when Australia was part of Gondwana. ...
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Geographic Description of Australia Australia, being the world’s smallest continent but relatively the sixth largest country in the world, it takes in a wide variety of biogeographic regions. It is an island delimited by water with a geographic size of 2.97 million square miles…
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