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'Why do women live longer than men' Does the answer lie in biology, nutrition, psychology or sociology - Essay Example

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Life is a self-sustaining process that depends on several factors, among which few are controllable to humans while others are not. Correlation existing between genders and life-span is also affected significantly by the controllable characteristics of self-sustenance…
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Why do women live longer than men Does the answer lie in biology, nutrition, psychology or sociology
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'Why do women live longer than men' Does the answer lie in biology, nutrition, psychology or sociology

Correlation existing between genders and life-span is also affected significantly by the controllable characteristics of self-sustenance. Consequentially, a matter of high interest persists amid theorists and sociologists as well, concerning the variance in life-span of women and men. As often allegedly remarked, women are supposed to live longer than men. Projected reports also reveal that by the year 2050, the difference in the age between the genders will increase by 4.8 years that apparently reflects upon the variances persisting within the life span of women and that enjoyed by men (Eskes & Haanen, 2007). It has thus been widely argued that high mortality amid men as compared to women is primarily owing to cardiovascular disease. Moreover, it is observed that women are biologically stronger and have high nutritional values than men (Eskes & Haanen, 2007). Hence, it can be comprehended that the reason as to ‘why women live more than men’ may have many logical facts and relevant contradictions. Thus, this paper will aim at assessing the reasons women have a greater life span in comparison to men. Correspondingly, an insight on the biological, nutritional, psychological and sociological aspects that tend to influence the life span of the gender groups and their better lifestyle will also be taken into account in this study. Discussion Biological Factors Life of humans depends on biological factors to a major extent. To be noted, biological factors are often observed to affect the immune system of individuals, which in turn differ from person to person in general. It is owing to the reason that the immune system that defends the body from external diseases and infection, are found to be different in every individual. Hence, scientific studies have often argued that a probable cause for women living more than men can be related to their immune system to be better than men. Experimental results have further depicted that with age, the immunity cells begin to decline at different rates in women and men. Notably, the T cells and the B Cells, which help to protect human body from diseases, decrease in men at a rapid pace than in women. Hence, the immunity power of women is deemed to be more even at an old age as compared to men. This further increases mortality among men than women (Briggs, 2013). As the body of men weakens with passing years, a high probability that they will be affected by more diseases may persist, which is further quite likely to result in shortening their lives in respect to women. It is an evidential fact that men have a high probability to heart attack in their early 40’s, whereas women tend to face greater propensity of heart attacks in their latter part of life (Perls & Fretts, n.d.). Moreover it is suspected that the mortality pattern of the gender partially depends on sex hormones such as testosterone in males and estrogen hormone in females. Consequentially, with the increase in the secretion of the testosterone hormone, men biologically put their life into risk. This may also lead to blood level increase of the ‘bad cholesterol’, which increases the chances of heart attack in men. On the other hand, estrogen secretion has a beneficial effect on the cardiac system of women, minimizing the chances of heart disease as it provides oxygen to the body. Estrogen also forms antioxidants, which means it neutralizes the natural reactive chemicals and actually reduces the risk of death in women by minimising the propensity of heart attacks. It also helps to maintain the oxygen level in the body with age and hence reduces the risk ... Read More
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('Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men' Does the Answer Lie in Biology, Essay)
“'Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men' Does the Answer Lie in Biology, Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/health-sciences-medicine/103749-ychwhy-do-women-live-longer-than-menyie-does-the.
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