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Essay example - an evaluation of research methods in health care

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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The following is a literature review of relevant research studies carried out in the past to determine the role played by nurses in drug administration as well as the effects of nurses and how their errors in drug administration affect patients. The literature discussed below draws from studies al over the world and most of the studies reviewed are qualitative although a few quantitative studies will be cited…

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It encompasses the assessment of patients' health and well- being, the planning, interventions, discharge planning and to provide patient education; within that administering and monitoring the effects of their medications, and evaluating desired and adverse effects of these medications and then document all finding.
Management of drug administration is a very central area of concern as far as medical practitioners are concerned. The above is of particular relevance to nurses especially in light of many drug administration related casualties which have been reported in the UK as well as other countries. The problem of increased 'error' in administration by nurses has therefore become a cause of worry for many researchers as attempts to unearth the root cause of the problem remains a pipe-line dream.
The above notwithstanding, authorities in health care have for a very long time strived to understand and perhaps explain in a clear and re-assuring way what causes some of the malpractices which cause health care administrators and especially nurses to result to behaviour and practices which put at risk not only their careers but also their patients' lives.
In the sections to follow, the researcher carries out a systematic re ...
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