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Psychological Treatment - Case Study Example

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Intervention-cognitive-behavioural integrated treatment (C-BIT) is a type of multi-purpose tool, designed for the psychological treatment of patients suffering from both mental illness and problematic substance misuse. It has add-on attachments for every circumstance, whether the identified problems lie with anger control or personal finances (Graham 2004).

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Psychological Treatment

Reports published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, had shown that roughly 50 percent of individuals with severe mental disorders were affected by substance abuse, 37 percent of alcohol abusers and 53 percent of drug abusers also have at least one serious mental illness and among the mentally ill patients, 29 percent abuse either alcohol or drugs (National Alliance on mental illness 2007).
Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a relatively short-term, focused psychotherapy for a wide range of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, anger, marital conflict, loneliness, panic, fears, eating disorders, substance abuse, alcohol abuse and dependenceand personality problems. The focus of therapy is on how you are thinking, behaving, and communicating today rather than on your early childhood experiences (The American Institute of cognitive therapy 2007).
Models of Care 2002 (National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse 2002) outlined the four-tiered framework for commissioning drug treatment. This was intended to provide a conceptual framework and be applied to local areas with flexibility. ...
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