Diabetes as a Cardiovascular Risk Factor

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Introduction: This case study is about John, whose name and identity will remain undisclosed due to ethical reasons. John is a middle-aged HGV driver with type 2 diabetes mellitus. He is overweight and has a family history of diabetes. Due to his profession, he is constantly on the move, and it is very difficult for him to control diet and have regular medications that he had been prescribed by his physician.


There are indeed reasons for such things happening to him, and there are both physical and social factors for such poor results that if continued will have long-term implications on his health conditions, and this case study intends to analyze all those factors involved in his case to formulate a management plan customized for him (Adler, AI, 2003).
As in the case of John, prolonged exposure to hyperglycemia is recognized as the primary causal factor in the pathogenesis of complications associated with diabetes mellitus. Hyperglycaemia and poor control of blood sugars in his case would induce a large number of alterations in the vascular tissue that would promote accelerated atherosclerotic process consequentially. These effects are often irreversible and they lead to progressive endothelial cell dysfunction. Once established, they progress over time, and reversal of hyperglycemia to normoglycaemic ranges would not reverse the pathology back to normal. ...
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