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Introduction : This is a critical appraisal of the paper, "Human Patient Simulation Is Effective For Teaching Paramedic Students Endotracheal Intubation" by Hall, R.E., Plant, J.R., Bands, C.J., Wall, A.R., Kang, J. and Hall, C.A., published in Academic Emergency Medicine, volume 12, pages 850-855, in the year 2005.


Essentially, this exercise enables the student to apply a scientific approach with sufficient rigour to produce valid conclusion.
Title: This is a study of educational advances in the area of health sciences, where many procedures are currently being performed by care providers other than doctors even outside the hospital setting. Therefore, training is an important part of such practice. The adequacy of training in critical and technically difficult procedures is significant to ensure quality of services that essentially belong to the services in the healthcare. Human patient simulation has been used to train paramedics, and even though, it is observed that the paramedics are successful in endotracheally intubating the patients in transit to the hospital, organized research might throw some light on the efficacy of such educational advances. Thus, the title describes the study accurately. From the above discussion, it is evident that the key words represent actually the key elements of the title concisely without digression.
Abstract : The abstract is concise and succinct in that it summarizes the purpose, methods, and the findings of the study. ...
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