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Modeling strategic decision resit assignment

This goes a long way in profiling the patient's health status and drawing up the ideal life style, diet regimen and medical treatment.
Good health is the key to happiness. A healthy lifestyle leads to both good health and happiness. However, not everyone is aware of this simple truth. Tradition, culture and social acceptance causes an individual to follow dietary and customary norms all of which may not be ideally suitable. For instance, a large number of people consume liquor and narcotic substance like cigarettes fully aware these are not good for health. Also, thanks to technological advances, life has become so comfortable very few feel the need to tone up the physical body with adequate physical workout.
Leave alone alcohol and smoking, diet consisting of fast food as also cholesterol-rich food, eatables containing high fat proportions and other ingredients intended to enhance and preserve taste but harmful to health are available across counters and even unwittingly prepared in homes, leave damaging effects on health that may not be immediately felt, but in the long term become health hazards.
Consequently, sooner or later, the body gives way. The damage may not be visible. ...
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While this exercise has helped in large measure to treat groups of patients with identical medical issues, a specific group of people exist whose medical history and treatment are unique and static to the individual because no two individuals, even within the group, are alike nor have similar medical history although their symptoms may appear to be identical.
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