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Heath education and health promotion is one of the most vastly growing fields of science. There are many theoretical models for health promotion and health education. There is a greater need for a planned approach for health promotion. The theory has to be applied into practice and the feedback from the practice makes a platform for the theoretical development.


"Participants' responses to the introduction of health in the curriculum were categorised in one of four ways: pessimism, partisanship, fanschen (to turn over) or marketisation. Their response depended on whether they viewed health as the central nursing philosophy rather than disease or care". (Smith, P. et al, 1999)
"Health promotion is not new - the health promotion approach emerged in the early 1970's, although its roots go back to public health at the turn of the last century. In terms of its theory and history, it is linked to primary health care, public health and community development approaches". (Children, Youth and Women's Health Service, 2004)
Health promotion got a new face in 1986 with the Ottawa Charter which gave importance to multiple strategies to improve health, from working with individuals through legislation and public policy. Health inequalities and social determinants of health have got more attention since the mid to late 1990's and health promotion now is based upon improving the health of the most disadvantaged in our society.
A state of complete physical, social and mental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ...
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