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Health Sciences - Autism
The cause of the illness is not fully understood, but new information suggests the environment in the womb may be a contributing cause. Treatment for autism is in creating coping skills for the child so that they can grow up to be productive adults. The disorder of autism has become an increasing problem as more children are born with the associated issues every year, leading researchers to search for better treatments that can help autistic children integrate and become productive adults. Autism can be described as an “affective, a perceptual, a linguistic, a cognitive, and a communicative…
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Autism - History, Nature and Treatment
This paper provides information on autism by tracing the research development and trends in dealing with autism. The first part of the paper talks about the history of research on autism, the second part deals with the nature of autism, and the third mentions treatments or interventions currently taken to address the problem. Research on autism traces its roots to the work of Leo Kanner in 1943. In his study, Kanner observed 11 children and noted their distinct characteristics from normal and schizophrenic children. He claimed that the said children were immersed with themselves, thus called…
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Mercury and Autism
This disorder affects how the nerve cells in the brain connect to synapses, thus affecting the way information is processed in the brain. As a result, an individual suffers from communication problem as well as restricted and repetitive behavior (Gerber, 456). However, with cognitive care, those children suffering from the disorder can be assisted to have a more fulfilling life, through attaining self-care. When the necessary intervention is afforded to the victims of the disorder from early in their life, then, they can be assisted to develop communication and social skills, which goes along…
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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autistic Disorder is also called autism, Asperger's Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder and Rett syndrome are mentioned (108–15). According to London, “Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders is based on behaviors not cause or mechanism” (408–11). Symptoms may include qualitative impairment in social interaction communication and restrictive and repetitive behaviour. Etiology. Happe proposed many causes of autism that included; Genetics causes, Prenatal causes such as diabetes, bleeding, and use of psychiatric drugs, Infections which include cytomegalovirus,…
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Pharmacologic Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Whilst there is no remedy for autism, rigorous, early treatment is expected to yield a great difference in such children’s lives. Autism and connected disorders, communication and social deficits have become more general over the years and at present have an effect on one in one hundred ten U.S. children, as estimated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Hollander, Kolevzon, and Coyle 60). This paper attempts to explore literature on the commercializing of medicinal drugs for the behavioral indications of comorbid disorders and autism, psychosocial alternatives and the…
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autism-- environmental or biological
It is a distressing childhood neuron-developmental disorder that was first exemplified by Leo Kanner in 1943. Kanner pointed out eleven children with odd and slurred speech, poor human connectedness, and recurring, disturbed behavior.…
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for changing the term and using the umbrella in diagnosing autism in children is because it has been observed that different clinicians can diagnose same individual with different disorder and some may even change the diagnosis of the same symptom differently from one year to the other. In addition, the condition autism is, usually, defined by a common set of behaviors that are evident in the person and hence should be characterised by one term that should only vary according to the severity of the condition (Tanguay. p. 1142).…
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