Health Impact of Pollution - Case Study Example

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Health Impact of Pollution

The same method is recommended here. They used sequential extraction to determine carbonate and hydroxide fractions with arsenic in sediments. Speciation modeling was used to calculate saturation indices for minerals like siderite and rhodochrosite which can decrease concentrations of dissolved iron and manganese. The results have been mentioned as per the findings at various places of china under various studies.
Back in 1999, Wen Jinbao, a Chinese deputy prime minister, warned of the dire water situation in China and of looming water shortages. Since then, Mr. Wen has assumed the post of prime minister and predgled to provide clean water for his people. His administration has guaranteed an additional $240 million this year to achieve this end. However, this amount may not be nearly enough to satisfy China's massive demand. The country has long suffered from alternating periods of severe flooding and drought. Combined with high pollution levels and a history of heedless and haphazard policies, the country is witnessing a precipitous drop in this most essential supply. High ranking officials and international agencies alike are deeply concerned about the situation and with good reason.
According to hydrologists, government officers and industrial leaders, water and waste pollution is the single most serious issue facing China. ...
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Pollution is another huge problem contributing to the larger crisis at hand. Over half of China's population, about 700 million people and 11 percent of the world's, only have access to drinking water of a quality below World Health Organization standards (WHO)…
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